Inaugural Exhibition of Jang Jang Joe’s “The Impressionist’s Journey”

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Inaugural Exhibition of Jang Jang Joe’s
“The Impressionist’s Journey”
At Tugu Kuntskring Paleis in September 2016

Jang Jang Joe is an artist painter with talent born in Indonesia and is Australian citizen. His specialty is impressionist technique evident in his brush strokes. He has successfully won a place in fine art market of his caliber. Some collectors have even likened Jang’s work to those of Vincent Van Gogh.

One of Jang’s trademark is his efficient brush strokes that are full of colors, gradation and contours His mature technique made his work full of beauty and able to leave deep emotional impression on viewers. His mastery of different types of painting medium is one of Jang’s great skill. Different and varied style of paintings have successfully been visualized and created with impeccable and accomplished technique making Jang’s work full of high esthetic value and tremendous investment value.

To date, Jang has established collectors in many countries around the world. In his age of 56 this year, Jang has decided to return to Indonesia and committed to dedicate his time to create art here in
Indonesia. Jang’s decision to return to Indonesia was based on his deep love of Indonesia’s rich and beautiful culture and heritage. Richness and beauty that inspired him to immortalize them into many of his extraordinary paintings.







This event is fully supported by:

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Tugu Kuntskring Paleis
Kain Warna
Lili Fauzia Diamond
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